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Become an Egg Donor

Egg Donation is a third-party assisted reproductive method. It is a medical act that is reasonable, legal, selfless, and beneficial to others. Some clients are left-over singles, some lost their only kid in senior age, or some only have one child because of the birth control policy, they are all looking forward to having one more kid, and to bringing new hopes Donating eggs is a third-party assisted reproductive method in reproductive medicine. It is a medical act that is reasonable, legal, selfless and beneficial to others. Some people want to have a child of their own because they are single, and some people who want to use their own sperm to get their children because of their old age have been difficult. Because of the one-child policy, many families have only one child. Open, they hope to be old and have more companions. For whatever reason, your generosity can help them complete their dreams and have their own children. Modern medicine is redeveloped, and after all, the ability is limited. In the whole process, no one will give such help to prospective parents like you. We are deeply grateful for your choice.


Want to be an Egg Donor Angel?
Are you a physically and mentally healthy woman between 18-29 years old?
Are you a non-smoker & non-drug user?
Is your BMI below 27?
If all of your answers are “Yes”, then you already stand out from our candidate pool. Please click the button below “Become an Egg Donor” ,then complete the application follow our instructions. Our warm and professional coordinator will communicate with you and answer all your questions,and thus, assist you complete the whole application process.
Our compensation ranges from $ 8,000 to $ 20,000,the compensation varies based on your personal condition.


Egg Donation Process
1. Complete the online application process with the help from our staffs. We will contact you ASAP once your application is approved.
2. Once you have passed our online application process, your profile will be put into our database, and we will start to match you and intended parents.
3. When there are intended parents interested in working with you, our coordinators will help you to conduct psychological screening and genetic screening. (Usually within 2 weeks of selection)
4. Then, you will complete all physical examinations under our help (Usually within 4 weeks of selection)
5. Complete all necessary legal contracts and documents (Usually within 6 weeks of selection)
6. Start the IVF medical cycle and complete the egg retrieval procedure (Usually within 3 months of selection)


Apply to be an egg donor
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