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Become a surrogate


Surrogacy is a third-party assisted reproductive method in reproductive medicine. It is a medical act that is reasonable, legal, selfless and beneficial to others. It brings hope to those who have missed the best age to get pregnancy; to those who are infertile or inappropriate to conceive due to diseases such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, etc.; and to some groups such as LGBT. With the help of IVF technology, their own embryos will be synthesized in vitro. Surrogacy is the process of transplanting the embryo into the uterus of the surrogate mother and finally deliver the child by this gestational carrier.

What you earn to be a surrogate mother:
• Ranging from but not limited to $50K- $80K/Case Compensation to ensure your benefits
• Covered ALL Travelling Charges, Medical Screening Bill, Legal Fees, Antenatal Care Fees, After-birth Confinement Expenses, Counselling and more...
• 24/7 on-call personal care ONE-ON-ONE coordination upon your needs
• Monthly peer surrogates Entertainment Retreats
• Up to 16 months full caring service support delivering you a QUEEN life experience
• Full accessibility to qualified cutting-edge technologies in reproductive medicine, including Preimplantation Genetic Disease Diagnosis(PGD/PGS) to secure fetal health care
• Reference to work resources/opportunities for your future job
• Priority and ability to be a surrogate multiple times

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you match requirements below:


• Female desirably age between 21-38
• Must be US Citizen or Permanent Resident
• Delivered at least one child without complications and with full term
• No more than 5 times birth-delivery histories in total
• Clear Criminal Background Record
• Non-smoker, living in a smoke-free environment
• Non-drug user nor Substance Abuse
• Non-alcohol abuser
• No more than 2 C-section
• Normal range for Weight &Height(BMI <=30)
• Excellent overall health(Reproductive System, CVD, STD/AIDS, Mental...)
• Responsible, Collaborative and Self-disciplined

Who we are:
Babies Sprouts Surrogacy, llc is a leading integrated medical fertility service center specializing in precision IVF and Surrogacy. We are seeking gestational surrogate like you, to bring lovely birth to reignite hopes to a dull family. At BabiesSprouts, it’s never been easier to become a surrogate mother. We will keep you safe and relaxed throughout the process, both medical and legal. We will provide you and intended parents with the most caring and reasonable solutions & arrangements to help you communicate with your intended parents and complete every step of the program smoothly. Our legal team has handled hundreds of surrogacy agency services and will at the greatest extent guarantee your legitimate rights. At the same time, we will also reward you 50,000 U.S. dollars compensation (50,000 U.S. dollars is the average compensation fee, the specific compensation would vary from surrogate conditions)


DOUBT IF THIS IS REAL? Some questions upon your surrogacy process/benefits? Schedule a video call now! Call us at +1657-205-6858 or Email us via carrie@babiessprouts.com
Our Egg Donation and Surrogacy Department is here to serve anytime!

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