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Egg Donation Process

1. Complete the online application process with the help from our staffs. We will contact you ASAP once your application is approved.
2. Once you have passed our online application process, your profile will be put into our database, and we will start to match you and intended parents.
3. When there are intended parents interested in working with you, our coordinators will help you to conduct psychological screening and genetic screening. (Usually within 2 weeks of selection)
4. Then, you will complete all physical examinations under our help (Usually within 4 weeks of selection)
5. Complete all necessary legal contracts and documents (Usually within 6 weeks of selection)
6. Start the IVF medical cycle and complete the egg retrieval procedure (Usually within 3 months of selection)


Egg Donation is Safe and Painless:
1.The whole egg retrieval process is completed under the guidance of vaginal ultrasound. There is no need for surgery or hospitalization. It’s painless during the whole process.
2.The medical technology and medical equipment in the United States are the most advanced in the world. Physicians will monitor the development of follicles throughout the medication process, then only retrieve those mature eggs, they will focus on egg quality more than egg quantity. Extracting immature eggs can be painful, and extracting mature eggs is painless.
3.The United States is very strict in medication usage, so patients will not suffer from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome due to over-medication and thus, avoid pain.
4.Different from which in China, anesthesia will be used during the egg retrieval process. The U.S. physicians control the use of anesthesia drugs as precise as possible.

Babies cry at birth because it is the first time they experience separation from love.
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